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Shanghai ALWELL Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Songjiang High tech Industrial Park. The company's main business scope is: full-automatic filling production line, dynamic detection and sorting equipment, and providing various non-standard automation solutions.

All the equipment produced by the company adopts the grid scheme, fully adapting to the automation and informatization trend of the factory. The product integrates high intelligence and science and technology, and uses highly reliable electrical and mechanical raw materials. In product production, packaging, and subsequent quality inspection, it helps customers greatly reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and greatly improve the product qualification rate of the enterprise, helping customers improve their competitiveness in the industry.

With the mission of "making factories more intelligent and efficient", Shanghai Yaoshun is committed to the intelligent upgrading and transformation of global modern chemical plants. We provide customers around the world with competitive and reliable equipment, solutions and services in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, logistics, e-commerce, auto parts and other industries.

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