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Analysis on the Characteristics of Bottled Water Filling Machine with Automatic Filling Scale
Release Date:2022-10-20 Views:84

With the continuous development of production technology, the filling equipment has gradually become intelligent. Now the filling equipment used in the production workshop has become increasingly intelligent, saving manpower and improving production efficiency. The automatic filling scale manufacturer has brought us a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the bottled water filling machine.

Bottled water filling machine mainly includes water treatment equipment, bottle blowing system, filling and packaging system. After being treated by water treatment equipment, raw water becomes sterile water for bottle washing and filling after impurity removal, deodorization, desalination and sterilization. In the purified water production line, the bottle embryo is blown into the bottle by the blower under high pressure, and then washed, filled and sealed by the filling machine through the air pipe. After weighing and sealing by the automatic filling scale manufacturer, the semi-finished products are packaged in turn and the finished products are put into the warehouse for sale.

The filling machine is controlled by PLC, and the human-machine interface feeds back the equipment status of the purified water production line in real time. When a problem occurs, stop the corresponding action immediately, send an alarm, and intelligently detect the fault point. In order to solve the equipment failure of the water purification production line in a short time and minimize the loss, corresponding solutions are proposed. 304 stainless steel is used for all water contact parts of the purified water production line. The automatic filling scale is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

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