Willy's Hair and Nails


Our stylists and estheticians are among the finest in Southern Arizona. See for yourself.

Owner of Willy’s Hair and Nails for over 33 years, Willy Cobb has been styling hair for 42 years! Always continuing to learn from his clients and fellow hair stylists, Willy is constantly experiencing what each customer’s hair is saying to him. His special gift (which complements his styling, coloring and cutting techniques), is his ability to consider each client’s facial shape and how their hair color and texture will work to the greatest advantage.

Passion for the profession and a tried-and-true work ethic drives Willy. Relative to his business, his craft, his clients and his co-workers.

Intent on listening to his clients and understanding their hair history and what they want at any moment in time, Willy calls on his foundational beauty school principles as well as his many years of actual salon experience.

Sharing Willy’s salon passion are veteran stylists Rosa and Anna who, along with manicurist Glenna, have worked side-by-side with Willy for nearly 30 years. Stylist Maria’s tenure follows at 22 years. Relative newcomers Sheri and Christel joined Willy’s team 13 and 3 years ago respectively. Stylist, assistant and receptionist C.J. provides the cosmetology business know-how to keep the ‘business’ of the salon running smoothly and professionally for clients and stylists alike. Each team member is an invaluable asset.

References and recommendations from long-standing clients have proved to keep Willy’s Hair and Nails in business.